Making your home accessible – a new lock for a new decade

Last Updated Jan 15, 2020

What is an accessible home?

It’s a new decade and we have no doubt at Brisant Secure that this decade will be about Smart technology.  Increasingly people want their homes tailor-made for their needs.  It makes sense with the advances in technology for everyone to have a home that enables them to live their life to the full.  Whether people are disabled from birth or temporarily disabled through injury or illness, having their environment especially suited to themselves is a basic requirement in this new decade.

What adaptations can be made?

You only have to watch a few episodes of DIY SOS to see the amendments that can be made.  Hoists can be attached into bathrooms to make washing easier; electric beds; lowered counter levels in the kitchen.  Even having light switches at the right level when you are a wheelchair user makes a huge difference.  One of the biggest issues though, is opening the front door when it is hard to get to the door. Whether it’s to let the kids back in from school or a carer.

Brisant Secure design Ultion Smart

Brilliant Secure designed Ultion Smart to address this need.  It has a range of functions which help people with differing tasks.  For people whose hands don’t have strength, there’s the “twist assist” function.  The most gentle touch will enable the door to be opened.  This is useful for people with arthritis.

What about people who have limited mobility?  Ultion Smart can be opened on voice command using a unique reference number.  Alternatively visitors can be given codes unique for one day, one week or weekly codes that are inputted on an outside pad.  The programming has infinite possibilities that can be programmed to what is happening for the home owner.

Ultion Smart can be set to open when it detects the owner’s phone within a specified zone set by the homeowner.  So, when you are coming back from work, the school run, with the shipping and have your hands full, the door will unlock automatically and then lock again.  The  is set to lock itself after 30 seconds with no need to lift the handle up.

James from Lockrite fitted Ultion Smart and this is what he had to say

James from Lockrite fitted an Ultion Smart on a customer’s home who is also a wheelchair user.   He made a video to explain its features and he told us,

“This is a locking solution that I recently put together for a local customer.  It incorporates some of the newest smart devices available at the moment and I’m very happy to say that it has completely changed his life for the better.”

Brisant couldn’t be happier.  This is exactly what we were hoping would be the case when the team developed Ultion Smart.  It’s a new lock for a new decade and it makes people’s lives better.






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Ultion makes Brisant Secure the 18th fastest growing UK business

Last Updated Dec 1, 2019

Brisant-Secure (the owners of Ultion)  is the eighteenth fastest growing company in the UK, according to the Sunday Times Virgin Atlantic Fast Track 100, published Sunday December 1st 2020.  We think this is down to the popularity of Ultion.


Homeowners are more savvy about how to protect themselves

As we know, police numbers are down and burglaries are very low on their list of priorities.  Homeowners have had to become significantly more “savvy” in terms of protecting their own properties, after doing a little research they soon realise how exposed they are. They then go to find out what they can do to protect themselves


Homeowners upgrade their locks to Ultion three star plus

During the three years that The Sunday Times measured this growth we have witnessed a surge in people looking to protect themselves with the best locks.  Alan, head of a Neighbourhood Watch scheme in Scotland, coordinated the upgrade of the whole estate to Ultion, purchasing over 45 locks and padlocks.  Alan said, “It’s foolish not to change your locks, it is the cheapest and most effective way to secure your home.”


Homeowners surprised at how little the best protection costs

What we hear often is how surprised they are at how little the cost difference is between a normal lock with no security and the best lock that genuinely keeps the bad guys out. John (who shared a video recently showing burglars not getting past his Ultion lock) said “after I was burgled last year and upgraded my locks I was really surprised at how little it cost to get the best lock available”.


Brisant’s strong research and development team give people what the need and what they want

85% of break-ins are through lock snapping; 58% of burglaries happen while homeowners are at home; a staggering 28% of people meet their burglar.  At Brisant we would prefer a world where people did not try and take your possessions, but that’s not happening anytime soon.

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Buying a cheap lock is like buying a cheap parachute

Last Updated Nov 15, 2019

John’s cheap locks didn’t stop a burglary

A year ago John, from Birmingham was burgled.  He took advise from a local locksmith and asked for the best lock available on the market.  He fitted the Ultion lock on all entrance doors, including the patio doors.  John said, “I was surprised at how little the extra was from a normal lock to an Ultion lock.”  Having been burgled once, it was understandable that John wanted to be able to protect his property and his belongings.

Ultion stopped another burglary

At tea time last Friday, another attempt was made to break into John’s home.  He was almost home from work.  The intruders were trying to gain access through his patio doors.


29% of People see the Burglar

Fortunately John didn’t see the burglar attempting to break in, unlike 29% of people who do.  The patio door handle gave a fight, but not enough.  Ultion however, did prove too much for the burglar and they threw in the towel and left.


Buying a cheap lock is like buying a cheap parachute

There are certain things in life that we need to protect us.  We live in the Midlands and along with many of our neighbours have been flooded twice in the last two weeks, causing lots of damage.  Anything that we can do to protect our home and not face the fear of floods, we will do.  Stopping burglars is easier than stopping water.  The three star plus sold secure diamond lock, Ultion, is the best way to secure your home against the most common form of break-in.  Most burglars do not want to cause a noise, they ai to be in and out of your property in minutes.  Changing your locks is the quickest, cheapest, most effective form of protection.



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Police warn of Blow Torched Burglaries

Last Updated Nov 19, 2019

Police warn home owners to protect their homes from blow torched entry

Police have warned home owners this week about the dangers of their homes being illegally entered by their doors and locks being blow torched.  Burglars then take their possessions, their car keys and their family is left insecure. This is a method of illegal entry that Brisant Secure has warned against, as they have had more and more reports of this method of entry.    The report in the Sun newspaper this week states that, “the use of blow torches to break into homes can cause enough damage to snap or bend the lock or to remove it entirely.”  Police recommend that home owners protect their homes by fitting three star sold secure diamond locks.  This ensures burglars cannot access their home, their belongings or their family.  The Ultion lock will protect your home.

Ultion will withstand a blow torch attack

Brisant Secure has tested Ultion, their best selling three star sold secure diamond lock, against a blow torch attack.  The photo attached shows that Ultion did with-stand the temperature of the blow torch and stayed in-tact and protected the door.  The inner core of Ultion is made of molybdenum, used by top engineers in the production of products that need to stay strong against heat and force.   When Ultion detects an attack, whether it is from a blow torch or another method, a hidden firing pin secures the central cam and stops the door being opened.  This still works against intense heat.


Police encourage home owners to fit a three star sold secure diamond lock

Police say that home owners can protect themselves by fitting a three star sold secure diamond lock, such as Ultion from Brisant Secure.  Ultion is approved by police. It has achieved the highest kite mark star rating and has been tested by locksmiths with the Master Locksmith Association and is accredited with the highest standard, sold secure diamond.


A good lock is not enough, for safety you need the best

For the safety and peace of mind, there is no point just fitting a good lock.  It is the lock that protects your home from burglary.  Members of Neighbourhood watch advise that the lock that makes the difference in the security of your home.  Tom from Scotland said, “many home owners are unaware that it is the lock barrel that offers them protection against burglary.  We have bought the Ultion lock for over forty houses on our estate to deter burglars.”

Nick Dutton, CEO of Brisant Secure said,

“Entry into people’s homes by blow torch is a method of attack we have heard of more and more.  We wanted to prove that Ultion would withstand a blow torch attack to give our customers peace of mind.  We were delighted with how Ultion performed in test conditions.  We know that home owners are safe with Ultion.”



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Ultion WXM – The Three Star PLUS Lock

Last Updated Nov 19, 2019

What is Three Star Accreditation on locks?

Three star accreditation represents the top rated lock available for a homeowner to protect their home against anti-snapping and other forms of break-in, such as lock picking.  To guarantee the homeowner is protected against lock snapping, the cylinders need to achieve the top rating on the traditional TS007 test.  This is three star accreditation.


In addition, the lock can aim for the Sold Secure Diamond accreditation, which is a locksmith approved test against lock snapping.


Ultion has both of these accreditations.


What does a lock need to do?

Originally, locks were developed to keep stuff safe from people that wanted to take it from you.  It’s a basic human condition to want more and protect what you have.  Locks are there to secure doors and keep people’s homes safe.  85% of burglaries occur by the burglar breaking in through the door.  It makes sense to create a lock that is impenetrable, at least as far as we can.

Ultion is the latest generation of lock.  It was created by Brisant-Secure to ensure there was a lock that would survive under immense levels of stress.  At the end of the day, that is what a lock needs to do.  Locks must survive under duress.


What is Three Star PLUS?

Brisant-Secure, the inventors of Ultion, set out to over-achieve on all accreditation tests.  This is what they created.


Three Star PLUS means achieving the top rating of three stars on the TS007 durability cycle test.  Ultion did not just manage the 100,000 cycles needed to achieve the top three stars, at the time of writing it’s just passed 800,000!

Three Star PLUS means extra molybdenum in the core of the lock (an element stronger than iron) shielding 20 anti-drill points.  This lock is exceptionally hard to drill.

Three Star PLUS means a key that is 60% thicker than normal three star keys.

Three Star PLUS means also achieving the Sold Secure Standard. This is much tougher test designed and carried out by Master Locksmiths. Very few 3 star locks achieve this. Ultion achieves their highest standard. Diamond.

Three Star PLUS means a key light on your keyring which comes in all sorts of pretty colours!!


Why does Brisant-Secure want to out-perform the top rated tests?

Fundamentally, Brisant want people’s homes to be secure and stop others stealing your stuff.  Do you remember when energy ratings first came out?  Standards were set and many homes struggled to achieve an ‘A-rating’.  Now, as technology has improved we have A++++ ratings!

It’s the same with locks.  Ultion is not a lock that looks to achieve standards, it creates them.


Brisant didn’t wait, we wanted to set a new standard. Ultion, our Three Star PLUS lock, will keep your property safe.



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Ultion Smart gets a Five Star Review in Gadget magazine Stuff

Last Updated Nov 19, 2019

Ultion Smart is ‘a smart door lock we actually like’ according Stuff’s editor James Day

We’ve had Stuff magazine in the kitchen every month for years.  The kids and my husband make their Christmas lists from it starting from the September issue’s annual ‘Most Wanted” list.  So imagine HOW EXCITED we were when Brisant Secure’s new Smart Lock is reviewed and gains the top FIVE STAR review.


Why did Ultion Smart get FIVE STARS from Stuff magazine?

Reading James’ comments it seems to be two main reasons.  Firstly, it’s simple, “there are no holes to drill or wires to connect.” In addition, “pairing it with the Danalock app is quick…it works and is feature rich.”  Secondly, it’s the partnership between a traditional lock and a tech partner that means that it works. James says, “We found the auto-lock function entirely reliable.”

It’s been an interesting few weeks waiting to see what would be the verdict from Stuff.  We have total confidence in our product and were happy to send the sample. We responded to the numerous questions that James asked.  The process was rigorous and despite being very sure that the product would do well, we had as few nail biting days before the verdict came in.  We couldn’t have been more delighted.  Not only did our locks get 5 STARS, we also learnt that the magazine has such a strong reputation because of their rigour.  I felt even more confident to make the kids Christmas lists from their recommendations.


What is unique about Ultion Smart according to Stuff Magazine?

Reading James’ review it seems to be the partnership between Brisant and Danalock that has made this Smart Lock smart.  The Ultion lock going into partnership with the military-encrypted Danalock V3, has created a smart lock that can be trusted by the general public.

It is, at the end of the day, keeping your home and family safe. James likes that the door also comes with a key and that the contemporary external finish “won’t alert anyone to the wizardry inside.”

There was much debate about whether the key was necessary, but the CEO’s of Brisant were adamant that it should come with a key.  The comfort that comes with tradition is not something that we felt ready to throw away, never mind asking our customers to do so!  We also liked the idea that from the outside the door looked “normal.”


What is the ‘wizardry inside’ Ultion Smart?

Having spent so much time making sure Ultion Smart is sound we have to remind you of some of the things it can do.  It has geo-fenced auto-unlocking, which James found ‘entirely reliable.”  It can be used on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and is compatible across multiple platforms, Apple Homekit, Alexa, IFTTT, Samsung Smart Things, Zigbee and Z-Wave.  It can be voice controlled with Alexa via a smart speaker or the IFTTT app.

The app offers electronic invites for guests (including integration with Airbnb app).  It offers geofencing for auto-unlocking on approach and auto-locking after a selected time .  ‘Twist assist’, which moves the control wheel with a tiny nudge, is great for older people or those with restricted mobility.

It can do loads of things.  For a full technical explanation please have a read through the website.  We also made a load of videos on You Tube that show how it works.

Ultion Smart offers “A re-assuring combo of digital and physical burglar-proofing.”


That’s James Day’s final word on Ultion Smart.  James, we couldn’t agree with you more.  That’s what Brisant Secure is all about, keeping the bad guys out, and that’s what Ultion Smart does.  It’s just a bit more exciting than usual because you can operate it from your phone!


Ultion Smart

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My Mum is 80, should she have a Smart Lock?

Last Updated Nov 19, 2019


What is a Smart Lock?

A smart lock is one that a homeowner can operate from an app on a smartphone or iPad to unlock their front door.  Brisant Secure has created Ultion Smart, a smart lock created with security at its heart.


Is Ultion Smart right for my mum, who is 80?

Mum is still quite active, but there are many times when she is sitting on her sofa and has had a long day and really cannot be bothered to get up again.  Over the last year or so, there have been many days when she’s been quite poorly and wanted to stay in bed.  So, I have had a look at Ultion Smart, to assess what it does and whether it would be right for me to put on her front door.


How does Ultion SMART work?

Ultion SMART enables the homeowner to use an app on their smartphone or iPad to lock and unlock their front door.  For security, it uses Bluetooth and not the internet so access cannot be gained remotely. You can use the app to unlock the door from your bedroom, your sofa or your car. Amazon Alexa users can say, ‘Alexa lock the door’. Again for security reasons voice control unlocking isn’t possible. This is central for my mum feeling comfortable.  She was convinced that anyone would be able to yell through the window to Alexa and open her door.  So, we know that’s not possible, which is great news.


What makes Ultion Smart safe?

Firstly, Ultion Smart  works with a euro-cylinder lock, the super secure Ultion three star sold secure diamond lock.  This comes with a £1000 homeowner security guarantee.  It gives an Ultion key that will always work and will always over-ride the tech if desired. (Again the key over-ride is a must for mum.)

Secondly, the outside of the door doesn’t have any electronics or visible difference.    It comes with one of Brisant’s Sweet handles that are designed to look great whatever the weather, or in many cases the existing handle can remain.  From the outside, no one would know that the home was fitted with a smart lock. (Again, a must for mum.)

Thirdly, the technical features don’t use the internet.  They use an app that works within a Bluetooth range, meaning that the lock can’t be hacked.


What makes Ultion Smart, smart?


Ultion SMART is simple, it is an automated thumb turn lock.  It is fitted to the inside of the door and will lock and unlock your door in a range of different ways dependent on what you ask it to do from the app.


There is also a wireless keypad that you can attach to the outside of your property, allowing the homeowner to give access codes to individuals that one wants to enter once or as many times as you wish. (An obvious use for this would be carers or Air B&B.)


So, I think the wireless keypad will help mum and enable the lock to have longevity, if she does need support in the house down the line.


What are the key features of Ultion Smart?


Auto-lock enables the homeowner to set an amount of time after which they want the door to lock. This gives peace fo mind that the door is always locked.


Auto-unlock  enables you to be able to walk through your front door with shopping without fumbling for your key.   (Remember, if for safety the homeowner has set the auto-lock to 30 seconds and it takes you a minute to get from the car with the shopping and into the house, the door will have locked itself again!) I know that sounds simple, but its exactly the kind of thing that would befuddle both me and my mum!


Twist assist  has been created for people with arthritis or mobility issues.  A slight touch will enable the lock to automatically turn.

Again, I think this is a great feature for mum.


Of course, all of these features can be over-ridden with a key.  All the features can be turned on or off.  The auto-lock can be achieved using a voice command. It can come with or without the keypad.


Is a Smart lock right for mum?

Each homeowner will have different needs dependent on their age, mobility and interest in technology. Ultion Smart isn’t a lock of lovers of tech, Ultion Smart is a lock for everyone, old or young, technical or not. So, on balance I am putting Ultion Smart on my mum’s home.  She has her iPad ready and waiting on the sofa, she couldn’t see the phone!







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“I want to tell everyone about the risk of not upgrading their locks”

Last Updated Nov 19, 2019

Rachel upgraded her locks, the day before her neighbour had his Audi stolen

This is Rachel’s story in her own words

I am genuinely relieved that I had the Ultion locks already installed


I had a porch fitted in 2013 and the manufacturer standard lock was installed.  A couple of weeks ago an issue occurred with the door track that required me to call out the window supplier.  While he was here, I happened to say, “I’ve heard about anti-snap locks, are mine that sort, or can you swap them?”    The guy checked and said they were snap-able and it would be better to change them.  Two days later on Saturday morning, Craig rang me to say he had my locks and was 20 minutes away and could he pop by?  I jumped at the chance to sort it out.

Community Police tell Rachel about her neighbour’s stolen Audi


On the Sunday morning the community police came to my door, they smiled through the porch door standing there eagerly with a clipboard while I unlocked (they’re obviously used t making sure they don’t frighten old ladies 😉).

They asked if I’d heard or seen anything during the burglary next door , I was flabbergasted, I was unaware there had been a problem. They explained that the neighbours that have lived in the other half of the semi detached property for 20 years had been broken in to on the Tuesday between 12 and 8 am , while they slept, and the car keys taken to take their audi from the drive. The car was brand new 2 months ago, a present to himself from a hard earned retirement pay out after 35 years with the fire service.

Rachel’s dad then Upgraded his locks too!

I was incredibly relieved at the coincidence that had made me ask about anti snap locks and grateful that Craig had fitted them the day before. I went to visit my dad and told him, he had the old style of locks. I explained about ultion locks and your guarantee- he was impressed, set to googling for the next half hour to research the problem , found a comparison between ultion and standard locks and ordered straight away!

Rachel’s Neighbours Upgrade their Locks

The next day I took flowers and a card to my neighbours (who are lovely) to remind them there are far more lovely people in the world than horrid ones!  they told me the side door lock had been snapped and that they were having anti-snap locks fitted the next day now they were aware of the problem.

I want to tell everyone about the risk of not upgrading their locks

I’ve become a little evangelical about your product (Ultion) and want to tell everyone about this risk. I’m a practice nurse and want everyone to be as safe as possible.



Rachel had Ultion Fitted on her Entrance Doors

Rachel had the three star sold secure diamond lock, Ultion, fitted on her entrance doors, which comes with a homeowner £1000 anti-snap guarantee.  The team at Brisant-Secure is delighted that Rachel is safe, that is what we are here to do.


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