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Investing in Trainees with Job Retention Government Grant

Last Updated Dec 8, 2020

Burglars not put off by Covid-19

In over half the recorded incidents of domestic burglary where the thief gained entry to the property and stole, the home owner was at home at the time, according to the Office of National Statistics.  Certainly Brisant-Secure, the company that makes Ultion, the most secure lock on the market, is as busy as before the pandemic.


How has Brisant-Secure coped with the pandemic?

In the first lock down when the whole of the UK was asked to “stay at home” Brisant had to furlough 95% of their staff.  CEO Nick Dutton said,

“We had a record week running upto March 23rd and February 2020 was our record month.” It was a worrying time for the whole sector not knowing what was happening in the UK as well as the rest of the world.  Brisant designs and manufactures door locks and door furniture for sale in the UK market and supplies door manufacturers and locksmiths across the UK.  During lockdown a small team continued providing the emergency locksmith market.  Fortunately, the team came back in July to a record months sales and the company has not looked back since.


The Government Job Retention Bonus Scheme

Rishi Sunak announced every company will receive a £1000 bonus for each previously furloughed member of staff they have retained since lockdown by January 2021.  Meaning around £45,000 for Brisant, the company wanted to invest it in the spirits with which it was intended, by recruiting trainees and securing existing jobs.


Brisant recruit trainees aged 18-24 to support those most vulnerable to job loss

Nick Dutton, CEO of Brisant said,

“We are looking to take people in the 16 to 24 age bracket, who I understand are in the most vulnerable situation and finding it the hardest to find work. We hope to train around four or five young people to take on a skilled role.” Young people in this age bracket were twice as likely to be furloughed that people over 45  and the most lose to lose their job, according to the BBC report September 2020.



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