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My Mum is 80, should she have a Smart Lock?

Last Updated Dec 8, 2020


What is a Smart Lock?

A smart lock is one that a homeowner can operate from an app on a smartphone or iPad to unlock their front door.  Brisant Secure has created Ultion Smart, a smart lock created with security at its heart.


Is Ultion Smart right for my mum, who is 80?

Mum is still quite active, but there are many times when she is sitting on her sofa and has had a long day and really cannot be bothered to get up again.  Over the last year or so, there have been many days when she’s been quite poorly and wanted to stay in bed.  So, I have had a look at Ultion Smart, to assess what it does and whether it would be right for me to put on her front door.


How does Ultion SMART work?

Ultion SMART enables the homeowner to use an app on their smartphone or iPad to lock and unlock their front door.  For security, it uses Bluetooth and not the internet so access cannot be gained remotely. You can use the app to unlock the door from your bedroom, your sofa or your car. Amazon Alexa users can say, ‘Alexa lock the door’. Again for security reasons voice control unlocking isn’t possible. This is central for my mum feeling comfortable.  She was convinced that anyone would be able to yell through the window to Alexa and open her door.  So, we know that’s not possible, which is great news.


What makes Ultion Smart safe?

Firstly, Ultion Smart  works with a euro-cylinder lock, the super secure Ultion three star sold secure diamond lock.  This comes with a £1000 homeowner security guarantee.  It gives an Ultion key that will always work and will always over-ride the tech if desired. (Again the key over-ride is a must for mum.)

Secondly, the outside of the door doesn’t have any electronics or visible difference.    It comes with one of Brisant’s Sweet handles that are designed to look great whatever the weather, or in many cases the existing handle can remain.  From the outside, no one would know that the home was fitted with a smart lock. (Again, a must for mum.)

Thirdly, the technical features don’t use the internet.  They use an app that works within a Bluetooth range, meaning that the lock can’t be hacked.


What makes Ultion Smart, smart?


Ultion SMART is simple, it is an automated thumb turn lock.  It is fitted to the inside of the door and will lock and unlock your door in a range of different ways dependent on what you ask it to do from the app.


There is also a wireless keypad that you can attach to the outside of your property, allowing the homeowner to give access codes to individuals that one wants to enter once or as many times as you wish. (An obvious use for this would be carers or Air B&B.)


So, I think the wireless keypad will help mum and enable the lock to have longevity, if she does need support in the house down the line.


What are the key features of Ultion Smart?


Auto-lock enables the homeowner to set an amount of time after which they want the door to lock. This gives peace fo mind that the door is always locked.


Auto-unlock  enables you to be able to walk through your front door with shopping without fumbling for your key.   (Remember, if for safety the homeowner has set the auto-lock to 30 seconds and it takes you a minute to get from the car with the shopping and into the house, the door will have locked itself again!) I know that sounds simple, but its exactly the kind of thing that would befuddle both me and my mum!


Twist assist  has been created for people with arthritis or mobility issues.  A slight touch will enable the lock to automatically turn.

Again, I think this is a great feature for mum.


Of course, all of these features can be over-ridden with a key.  All the features can be turned on or off.  The auto-lock can be achieved using a voice command. It can come with or without the keypad.


Is a Smart lock right for mum?

Each homeowner will have different needs dependent on their age, mobility and interest in technology. Ultion Smart isn’t a lock of lovers of tech, Ultion Smart is a lock for everyone, old or young, technical or not. So, on balance I am putting Ultion Smart on my mum’s home.  She has her iPad ready and waiting on the sofa, she couldn’t see the phone!








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