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Keyring finds lost front door keys in moments

Last Updated Mar 6, 2019

How many times a week do you lose your keys?

Keyring, a new development from Brisant-Secure, is designed for use with Ultion keys. I was delighted. Preparing for the school run is always a manic time in our house.  There’s dogs, cats and children fighting for food and attention and for years just as we made it to the car, I realised I didn’t have my keys. Then ensued a frantic search for the car keys and front door key.

I have an app now on my iPhone that works to track down my front door key.  (I have asked Nick and Steve to find a way to track my reading glasses as well and give the kids breakfast – am still waiting for that!) Having said that Keyring is a good start.

How does Keyring work?

Keyring is a Brisant-Secure  innovation. It uses a built-in smart technology which connects Ultion keys to smartphones using Bluetooth so homeowners can find their keys quickly and easily.

If you misplace your key, the TrackR app shows where it was when it was last in range of your phone. You can then use the app to make your Ultion key ring with a 95-decibel buzzer, you can’t miss it! It works the other way round too. If your phone’s on silent and you’ve lost it in the house, you can make it ring by pressing Keyring. The TrackR app also links with Amazon Echo, so you can make your phone ring by voice command.

It’s saved many of my manic mornings from collapsing into tears. Did you know keys are one of the most commonly misplaced items among adults?

Keyring is available from £29.95. It has an integral battery and buzzer, and fits within an Ultion keycap. It’s available in 10 bright colours, with two glow-in-the-dark Night Bright options, just enough to see where you are putting the key. It can be specified in the same colour as the Keycap or a different one to stand out.

keyring in pink

Keyring is available in a number of colours (I have it in pink)

Does it do anything else?

Amazingly, yes!  If you are out of bluetooth range and your keys have fallen out of your pocket (or you’ve left them in a cafe as I did last week) , Track R’s ‘Crowd Locate’ network is a new way to help recover your keys.  If one of the millions of TrackR users walks by your missing key while running the app, you’ll receive a confidential update with your key’s last known location. TrackR app users help each other find over a million items every day.

Keyring fits with Ultion keys. Ultion is the most secure cylinder door lock available, and comes with a free 10-year £1,000 guarantee against burglary by lock snapping. Now, thanks to TrackR technology, homeowners can find their Ultion keys quickly and accurately.  It’s made my life significantly calmer.

For further information check Keyring out here




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