“I want to tell everyone about the risk of not upgrading their locks” – Ultion Lock
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“I want to tell everyone about the risk of not upgrading their locks”

Last Updated Dec 8, 2020

Rachel upgraded her locks, the day before her neighbour had his Audi stolen

This is Rachel’s story in her own words

I am genuinely relieved that I had the Ultion locks already installed


I had a porch fitted in 2013 and the manufacturer standard lock was installed.  A couple of weeks ago an issue occurred with the door track that required me to call out the window supplier.  While he was here, I happened to say, “I’ve heard about anti-snap locks, are mine that sort, or can you swap them?”    The guy checked and said they were snap-able and it would be better to change them.  Two days later on Saturday morning, Craig rang me to say he had my locks and was 20 minutes away and could he pop by?  I jumped at the chance to sort it out.

Community Police tell Rachel about her neighbour’s stolen Audi


On the Sunday morning the community police came to my door, they smiled through the porch door standing there eagerly with a clipboard while I unlocked (they’re obviously used t making sure they don’t frighten old ladies ?).

They asked if I’d heard or seen anything during the burglary next door , I was flabbergasted, I was unaware there had been a problem. They explained that the neighbours that have lived in the other half of the semi detached property for 20 years had been broken in to on the Tuesday between 12 and 8 am , while they slept, and the car keys taken to take their audi from the drive. The car was brand new 2 months ago, a present to himself from a hard earned retirement pay out after 35 years with the fire service.

Rachel’s dad then Upgraded his locks too!

I was incredibly relieved at the coincidence that had made me ask about anti snap locks and grateful that Craig had fitted them the day before. I went to visit my dad and told him, he had the old style of locks. I explained about ultion locks and your guarantee- he was impressed, set to googling for the next half hour to research the problem , found a comparison between ultion and standard locks and ordered straight away!

Rachel’s Neighbours Upgrade their Locks

The next day I took flowers and a card to my neighbours (who are lovely) to remind them there are far more lovely people in the world than horrid ones!  they told me the side door lock had been snapped and that they were having anti-snap locks fitted the next day now they were aware of the problem.

I want to tell everyone about the risk of not upgrading their locks

I’ve become a little evangelical about your product (Ultion) and want to tell everyone about this risk. I’m a practice nurse and want everyone to be as safe as possible.



Rachel had Ultion Fitted on her Entrance Doors

Rachel had the three star sold secure diamond lock, Ultion, fitted on her entrance doors, which comes with a homeowner £1000 anti-snap guarantee.  The team at Brisant-Secure is delighted that Rachel is safe, that is what we are here to do.



Ultion locks doors. Simple.

The Ultion lock has an incredible suite of security features that work to secure your home against major attacks on your door.

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