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The Door-Stop Secure Guarantee
Should a burglary take place within 10 years from the point of installation and entry was achieved by snapping an Ultion lock the lock manufacturer, Brisant Secure, will pay you £1000 and repair or replace your door.

To activate your guarantee just complete this Brisant Secure registration within 28 days of installation.

Should you need to make a claim please complete and return the claim form within 14 days of the incident.

Ultion Key Control
Prevent your keys from being copied without your permission. Complete your Ultion security by activating Key Control. Click here to watch a short video about Key Control. The security question is used only if your email address should change.

Maintenance guidelines
To maintain the smooth operation, performance and guarantee of your Ultion lock only use genuine Ultion keys. Lubricate every 6 months with graphite lubricant. Using oils or WD40 will damage the lock and will cancel the guarantee.

Your privacy
This information is safe because we don't ask for the property address. Data is held by Brisant Secure and not shared with third parties. Privacy policy.

Genuine Door-Stop doors offer the very best in strength, easy maintenance, security and weather resistance. Homes all over the UK are safer and look better with these doors.
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