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Introducing the Ultion KeyTag

With Ultion KeyTag, you’ll never have to look for your keys anymore. Instead of opening drawers and checking pockets and purses, all you have to do is press a button on the Apple Find My app (or, if you prefer to do it hands-free, just ask, “Siri, where are my keys?”). Your keys are going to sound an alarm indicating their position. Still not sure where they are? The Apple Find My app will show on your mobile the exact location of the would-be lost keys, or where they were last time they were near an Apple device.

Your home.
Your style.

KeyTag comes in 5 different colour combinations, including glow-in-the-dark, so you’ll be sure to find a key that suits you and your home.

iPhone iPhone Notification

A left behind nudge

Not leaving a key behind is better than finding a lost key. Your phone can send you a notification to tell you when you are travelling away from your key.

Works with Apple Find My Made for Ultion

The key IS the tag -
nothing else is needed

With KeyTag, you can be free of keychains. As all its features are built-in, you don’t need to carry additional tags with the keys. The key IS the tag. It’s as simple as that! No more things dangling off your keys just to make them easier to find.

With a little help from
hundreds of millions of friends

Because Ultion KeyTag quietly talks with every Apple device on the planet its never far from being spotted. In case you leave it in your locker at the gym or a friend’s car, the device will emit an encrypted signal to nearby phones. They, in turn, will send the location to iCloud, allowing you to see it on your ‘Find My Ultion’ app. The whole process is secure and anonymous. Only you will be able to see where your keys are. The operation is also highly efficient, using minimal data and energy.

With a little help from your 1.8 billion friends

Never lose it again

Another feature of KeyTag is the possibility to activate the Lost Mode. With this mode turned on, you’ll get a notification whenever another Apple Find My enabled device gets within bluetooth range of your Ultion key. You can also program it to share your contact information with the person who found the KeyTag.

Your personal information
is securely locked

A key is an object whose ultimate purpose is to keep things safe. The KeyTag technology is exceptionally secure. The user’s location data and history are never stored on the key, and the devices that transmitted their location are never revealed, not even to Apple. Everything is encrypted. Nobody will know the key’s location, not even Apple nor Ultion, who designed the technology.

Securely Locked

What if someone leaves their KeyTag in my purse or car?

Do not worry. The Apple Find My app automatically detects when a KeyTag is present. If the KeyTag is not yours and the real owner is not around, it will send you a notification and activate an alarm on the unknown KeyTag built-in speaker.


And a door key

Every KeyTag is completely bespoke to you. By using the unique code on your Ultion key your Ultion KeyTag is also an Ultion Key.

Door Key

Key security promise by Ultion

Our keys keep what we have safe and we keep our keys safe. That’s why Ultion now comes with the extra protection of Ultion Key Control.

Power is key

KeyTag is powered with a replaceable 2032 battery. When the battery reaches a low level the app will let you know.

Key Power Level