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Home security goes beyond just your lock. Our handles are not only beautiful, but engineered to provide robust protection against even the most cutting-edge break-in methods.


Watch a Master Locksmith attempt to break through an Ultion 2 Star Handle.

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The range.

We’ve two incredible security handles in the Ultion handle range, along with a DDA-compliant accessibility handle option, which is available here.

2 Star Handle

Ultion 2 Star Handle

Great security at a great price. The curved form repels the elements as easily as it does intruders. Includes internal and external handles.

2 Star PLUS Handle

Ultion 2 Star Handle

Go further with PLUS. All the protection of the 2* handle, with an added one-touch spindle lock switch. Includes internal and external handles.

25% denser than iron.
Extreme durability.

The seamless curves that house the molybdenum cylinder shield aren’t just for show — they also provide supreme protection against both drilling and the most common form of attack: lock-snapping. The handle can’t be ripped from the door to expose the lock because grip tools just slide off the curve.

Molybdenum Symbol
Handle Handle

Unbothered by the elements.

Our Ultion handles are designed to last. Thanks to six coats of corrosion protection, they can withstand over 8000 hours in a weather test chamber that’s 33 times more than the necessary accreditation of 240 hours.

Weather Cycles Image

Weather tested for over 8,000 hours

Other handles force you to find out for yourself how long they’ll last in the real world. At Ultion, we test, and test, and test again before we’re satisfied of their quality.

8x more durable than the rest.

We test, then test again. Standard door handles push themselves to the limit to reach 100,000 cycle tests — the baseline EN1906 standard. At Ultion, we challenge our handles to a massive 800,000 cycles. Even then, they still operate with buttery-smooth precision.

2 Star PLUS Handle 2 Star PLUS Handle
Double Locked Graphic

Our patented double lock system

Exclusive to the Ultion 2 Star PLUS Handle system, our unique secondary spindle lock is activated with a simple flick of the thumb. Within milliseconds, an extra layer of protection is activated — providing further security to your home.

The 2 Star .
Double locked.

The Ultion 2 Star PLUS handle system brings all the protection of the Ultion 2 Star handle, PLUS an additional patented spindle lock that’s activated with a single switch at the top of the handle. This mechanism provides an extra layer of security, with easy, added convenience.

Feature overview.

We’ve been on a mission to load our handles with a host of security features to keep your home secure. Explore them below.

Secure, Curved Profile

Secure, Curved Profile.

The unique curved form of Ultion handles makes it not only visually stunning, but also near-impossible for intruders to grasp.


Ultion £5000 Guarantee.

We’re so confident in our locks that we’ll put our money where our mouth is — £5000 to be exact.

Handle Protection

20+ Years of Anti-Corrosion.

With 6 coats of corrosion plating is a 20 year direct to homeowner anti-corrosion guarantee.

Deep Protection

Deep Protection.

The reinforced body and hardened steel M6 fixing bosses keep piling the protection in.


8x More Durable.

We test our handles over 1,000,000+ cycles — 10 times more than other normal handles.

Everybody Approves

Every Body Approves.

Police preferred, approved by locksmiths, secure-by-design. Ultion is simply the industry’s choice.

Your handle, your way.

Both Ultion handle systems are available in anthracite, white, gold, stainless steel, black, chrome and rose gold. Take your pick.

Handle Colours

Ultion protects over 3 million British homes

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