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Ultion Padlock £74.95 - £129.95


Sold Secure Insurance Rated Ultion Padlock

All Ultion products are tested by Master Locksmiths and accredited with Sold Secure certification.

The Super Secure Ultion Padlock

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Ultion Padlock fits your need

The 61mm and 70mm locks are available with three different shackle lengths and a super-secure closed shackle option.

You can operate it with your house key

Losing the padlock key can be a problem with secure padlocks! That’s why with the Ultion padlock you can secure your things with the key you take everywhere – your Ultion house key.

Your Guard

The Ultion name represents unbeaten in all tests, the Ultion padlock is no exception. The 60mm body with its 11mm diameter shackle range has carries the Sold Secure Silver accreditation and is CEN 5 rated, whilst the 70mm body and 14mm shackles are Sold Secure Gold accredited and CEN 6 rated. Insurance approved.

Retain or Not?

The grub screw in the back of every Ultion padlock gives you the choice of whether the shackle is attached to the body when unlocked or whether it can be removed.

Tough to the core

There are many reasons that make whatever your Ultion Padlock is protecting so safe.

Ultion Padlock

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