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Our made for Ultion accessories gives extra reassurance when you need it the most. From tracking your keys to being your light in the dark, Ultion gives peace of mind when it comes to accessing and securing your home.

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Accessories made for Ultion

Look at our range of accessories that help keep you and your family as safe as houses.

Ultion KeyTag

Losing your keys or phone can be both frustrating and worrying, but with an Ultion KeyTag, you can find them in no time. Track your keys with a simple, free and easy to use app, which sounds an alarm through your KeyTag to help locate your keys or shows their location on a map.

Ultion KeyTag

Ultion Keylight

Nobody enjoys fumbling around with keys in the dark. Ultion KeyLight is a key with built-in torch designed exclusively for Ultion, giving you light to hand when you need it the most.

Ultion Keylight

Ultion Keycap

Ultion KeyCaps fit onto any Ultion key, and the ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use. Available in a wide range of colours, use different colours for different doors or different people.

Ultion Keycap

Glow in the dark KeyCap

Our new glow-in-the-dark option means you can easily identify the right key, even when it’s dark.

Glow in the dark KeyCap

Lock Lubricant

Keep your Ultion lock operating smoothly and lubricate it every 6 months. Wet oils or conventional WD40 will jam your lock. Instead, we recommend using Ultion Lock Lubricant to ensure your lock can continue protecting you and your home.

Lock Lubricant

The insurance
approved Ultion
- that works from your house key.

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3 Star PLUS Lock

3 PLUS lock

Our most durable 3-star, Police Preferred Specification lock with the UK’s thickest key

Ultion Nuki

Ultion NUKI

The easy to fit smart lock you control with your phone or key

2 Star Handle

2 handle

Maximum 2-star security accredited beyond any other handle on the market

2 Star PLUS Handle

2 PLUS handle

All the security of our 2* handle PLUS a patented spindle locking switch