Our award-winning
smart lock working with Ultion Bolt.

Home security goes beyond just your lock. Our handles are not only beautiful, but engineered to provide robust protection.

Ultion Nuki is compatible with all leading smart platforms

Google Home
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Google Home
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Ultion x Nuki.
Working together.

The result of Ultion and Nuki working together is more than a smart lock. The specially designed Ultion lock and handle bring Nuki smart functionality to UK doors, including PVC and composite doors, with a security level found only with Ultion.

Day - Unlocked Day - Locked Night - Unlocked Night - Locked
Ultion Nuki

The reviews are in.

We think the Ultion NUKI is great, but don’t just take our word for it.


“The Ultion Nuki Plus is a premium, high-security device that easily sits among the best smart locks, packing some incredibly useful features.”



“The best technology should be effortless, and the Ultion Nuki Plus really is. Installation and set up are a breeze, and once it’s set up, you never have to touch it again.”



“The combination of Nuki’s smart lock, app, Ultion’s secure cylinder and handle make this the best smart lock for UK home owners.”



“The Ultion Nuki is one of the best all-around smart locks for those who put a high value on security”


Financial Times

“Whenever I thought, “But hang on, what about X?”, Ultion and Nuki had already thought of it”


The Ambient

“We’ve tested a lot of smart locks, and a lot of them fall short. The Brisant Ultion Nuki didn’t on any count. It’s without doubt one of the best smart locks on the UK market at the moment”


on arrival.

on arrival.

Ultion Nuki can be set to unlock your door when you arrive home without even having to reach for your phone, and then lock a few minutes later. It’s like an invisible doorman — perfect for when you’re carrying shopping, or at night when finding your key is a headache.

Ultion Nuki can be set to lock your door when you leave or arrive home without having to reach for your keys or phone.


Press, twist,
and relax.

At the centre of the Ultion Nuki is a button. A simple press with lock or unlock your door, or you can simply twist the dial for manual operation. On the outside, use your regular key, or upgrade to our keyfob or wireless keypad options.

Press, twist and relax

control options.

Whether you prefer to use a handy keyfob, our stunning wireless keypad with fingerprint recognition, or stick to a physical key — we’ve got you covered. You can even use all three methods depending on what’s most convenient to you at the time — just select what you need when configuring your Ultion Nuki. Smart, and most importantly, simple.

3 Star Security.
Ultion inside.

It’s smart and gorgeous, but that’s far from enough. Our priority is to keep your home secure. At the heart of every Ultion Nuki is a 3-star PLUS Ultion lock — and the Nuki unit itself has the highest AV security rating, with three stars. There’s simply nothing more secure.

Lock Exploded

Your handle,
or ours.

We understand how important kerb appeal is, which is why with Ultion Nuki you have the option to either keep your current outside handle, or replace it with an ultra-secure Ultion handle instead. They’re available in eight beautiful finishes, and come with a 20 year anti-corrosion guarantee.

Handle Colours
Ultion Handle

No lever?
No problem.

If your door has a long handle instead of a lever, then Ultion Nuki will still work just fine. There’s an escutcheon version included in the box that brings full smart functionality to your door, without having to change the exterior handle.

Interior View Exterior View
Lock Icon

Door closes. Door locks.

An Ultion Bolt with the transmitter added will tell Ultion Nuki when the door is closed and can be set to lock behind you. All without having to lift the handle.

Lock Door

Only locks when closed.

If the door isn't fully closed the transmitter will stop the Ultion Nuki from locking and let you know.

Lock Bell

Know its closed. Wherever.

The combination of Ultion Nuki and Ultion Bolt with transmitter not only shows the locked status on your phone but also whether the door is open or closed.

More highlights.

We’ve been on a mission to load our handles with a host of security features to keep your home secure. Explore them below.

Timed Entry

Timed Visitor Entry.

Keypad codes that unlock the door only on specific days and times give access to regular visitors without compromising your security.

Thickest Key

Comes With Physical Key.

The Ultion Nuki can always be operated manually through the use of a physical high-security key or the manual thumbturn.

Quick, Easy Installation.

Fitting Ultion Nuki is so easy it doesn’t come with fixings. The three screws in your current handle and lock are all you need.

Smart Central Locking

Smart Central Locking.

With multiple Ultion Nuki you can lock all the doors in the house with one simple instruction through your preferred Smart platform.

Made for UK Doors

Made for UK Doors.

The Ultion Nuki brings smart functionality to British PVC and composite doors, with a security level found only with Ultion.


£5,000 Security Guarantee.

Ultion Nuki can be set to unlock your door when you arrive home, and then lock a few minutes later. Like an invisible doorman!

Ultion Nuki

The Ultion Nuki PLUS brings you all the features of the Ultion Nuki, PLUS a built-in rechargeable battery pack and the convenience of a direct wifi connection.


WiFi access
from anywhere.

With its built-in Wi-Fi, there's no fuss with extra bridges or devices—just a straightforward, direct connection to your home network. This means you can easily lock or unlock your door from anywhere, anytime, with just a tap on your smartphone.

WiFi Access

Two stylish
colour options.

Whether you prefer the sleek look of Black and Steel or the clean appeal of White and Steel, this smart lock is designed to blend seamlessly with your home's style.

Preview Colour

Ultion Nuki PLUS - White Ultion Nuki PLUS - Black

Comes with a recharge.

The 4 AA batteries bundled in the Ultion Nuki will keep powering your door lock for over a year, and the app will notfiy you when the batteries are running low. As an extra convenience, the Ultion Nuki PLUS comes with a separate USB rechargeable battery pack.

Rechargeable Battery Pack

Which Nuki?

We’ve two incredible handles on offer, along with a DDA-compliant accessibility handle option, which is available here.

Ultion Nuki

Ultion Nuki

The stunning Ultion Nuki. Take home convenience to the next level with four great bundle deals.

Ultion Nuki


Ultion Nuki + Keyfob

£308 £299

Ultion Nuki + Wireless Keypad

£404 £390

Ultion Nuki + Keyfob + Wireless Keypad

£453 £425

Ultion Nuki PLUS

Ultion Nuki

It's Ultion Nuki, but with built-in Wifi for access anywhere, new finishes, rechargeable battery and Matter compatibility.

Ultion Nuki PLUS


Ultion Nuki PLUS + Keyfob

£428 £419

Ultion Nuki PLUS + Wireless Keypad

£524 £509

Ultion Nuki PLUS + Keyfob + Wireless Keypad

£573 £545


Ultion Nuki features the 3 star plus Ultion cylinder, and carries a £5000 security guarantee. There is no security standard that this locking mechanism has not passed.

All communication with Ultion Nuki lock is protected with state-of-the-art end-to-end encryption commonly used in online banking.

It is also regularly inspected and certified by independent security institutes. The Nuki Smart Lock achieves the highest AV-TEST available (level 3).

Because there is no drilling or wiring, it takes only minutes to replace your existing handle with an Ultion Nuki. This video shows how easy it is to fit.

Ultion Nuki was designed with this type of door in mind. All Ultion Nuki unlocking features work with your door. When you pass through the door lift the handle as normal and all locking features are available.

You’re never locked out (or in) with Ultion Nuki. Being Bluetooth and battery powered you can still control the door whilst at home using your phone, wireless keypad, wireless fob or even your key. Only remote connections that rely on the internet and power will be affected.

The Ultion Nuki uses 4x AA batteries and they will last for several months. When the battery level reaches below 20% you will be notified via the Nuki app and directly on the Smart Lock via the LED lights. You can also enable email notifications. Even if you miss these, the Ultion Nuki is also a normal mechanical lock. You can use a key from the outside and the dial on the inside until the batteries are replaced.

The Ultion Nuki is also compatible with rechargeable batteries. For a longer usage we recommend the rechargeable batteries Panasonic eneloop pro. These batteries last about twice as long as alkaline batteries.

Absolutely none. There isn’t even a charge for sending additional electronic keys.

By using the same fixing holes already in your door, replacing your door handle with Ultion Nuki is simple. As well as an escutcheon model (the type of door that doesn’t have a push down handle) it will easily replace all common UK push down door handles. It accommodates lever handles where the distance between the handle fixings is 215mm, 211mm and 122mm. The distance between the centre of the handle (spindle) and the barrel (keyhole) should be 92mm.

The adjustable design of the Ultion Nuki handle also means that should you change your door, or move house, you can continue to use it on the new door without needing to buy a new handle.

The auto-lock function is set on a timer from the app. The timer starts whenever the door is unlocked, and it will automatically lock itself again once the timer expires.

The Ultion Nuki also features a Night Mode. Just set the time it should start at night and the time it should end in the morning. It will automatically lock at the start of Night Mode and enable energy saving mode until the morning.

Auto lock can also be set to only work during Night Mode if you need to keep the door unlocked during the day, if you’re a business owner for example. You can even set schedules to lock and unlock at certain times.

Auto Unlock works by combining GPS, Bluetooth and geofences (iBeacons). With the GPS on your smartphone Nuki recognizes when you leave your home. When you approach your home again and enter a geofence near the smart lock, the app Bluetooth scans for your smart lock. If the app establishes a Bluetooth connection within 20 minutes of entering the geofence your door will automatically unlock. To avoid unwanted locking operations the next Auto Unlock will only be triggered when you exit the geofence and enter it again.

The Ultion Nuki can always be operated manually through the use of a physical high-security key or the manual thumbturn.

The wireless keypad is battery and Bluetooth powered. This means there are no wires and it can be positioned anywhere within Bluetooth range of your door, it doesn’t have to be on the door.

The Ultion Nuki can be integrated with Apple Homekit, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa. This enables you to lock and unlock via voice commands, add the lock to routines, and operate the lock from their respective apps.

The lock can also be connected to many other Smart home systems, such as IFTTT, Ring app, and Homey

Custom smart home systems are also accommodated with an an open API enabling integration of into lots of different use cases.

Please note that Alexa and Google Home integrations required the bridge (sold separately).

You’re still protected if you combine Alexa/ Google Home with Ultion Nuki. During the Alexa/ Google Home setup you will be prompted to set up a passcode. Alexa then asks for the passcode whenever an unlock request is made. The code is not required when you lock the door.

Ultion Nuki works with a specific type of Ultion lock that has only ever been used within an Ultion Smart lock. Whilst Ultion locks that are operated from the inside with a key or a thumbturn will not fit in Ultion Nuki we can make your Ultion Nuki work from your existing Ultion key. There is no charge for this service.

When used with the bridge, Ultion Nuki is a great addition to any Airbnb with seamless integration with the Airbnb app. Your guests automatically receive a digital access code after booking and will automatically expire at the end of their stay.

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