Lock without
the lift

Four latch bolts deploy automatically when the door has closed, so there’s no need to ever lift the handle again.

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Introducing the Ultion Bolt

A multipoint lock with Ultion level protection. Ultion Bolt was developed with expertise, experience and imagination: bolts that engage without lifting the handle, rollers in the lock keeps for perfect seal compression, and built-in Ultion Nuki compatibility. Even if the door isn’t 100% closed, the independently firing bolts mean the key will still secure it.

Bolt. To the power of 4.

Rollers in the lock keeps guide the four super-secure 20mm bolts smoothly into the optimum locking position every time. So, Ultion not only keeps the bad guys out but now keeps the wind and rain out too.

Multipoint locks
just got smarter

The Ultion Bolt has a built-in magnet sensor and housing for the Ultion Nuki transmitter. This means the convenience of automatic locking, keyless entry and electronic guest keys are all just a simple upgrade away.

Nuki Sensor Nuki Sensor
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Ultion Nuki.
The smart bolt-on.

Ultion Nuki is the smart lock designed exclusively for UK doors. Manage your door lock through your preferred smart home platform, our free app or your Ultion door key.

Bolt. Even when bowed.

Four independently firing deadbolts stop the problem of a bowed door being a problem. The key will still turn and secure every engaged bolt even if the door isn’t closed to its true position.

Bolt even when bowed