Watch how quickly locked doors open


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    Watch how vulnerable a door with a Standard £3 ‘lock’ is.

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    Watch an ‘anti-snap’ lock snap

Who wants a less secure door?

The first thing you want from a door is to keep the bad guys out. These videos show how weak your doors are in real life on a real home with the most common break-in method.

Every body approves.


Approved by

Few locks survive the test designed with the Master Locksmith Association and carried out by locksmiths.


Approved by
the Police

The official UK Police flagship initiative combining the principles of ‘designing out crime’ with physical security.


Approved by
British Standards

Kitemark is the standard of excellence recognised around the world. Ultion is accredited with the highest 3 star rating.

Ultion is still snap secure with the key in the inside of the lock

Its something we all do, we lock the door and leave the key in the lock on the inside. Even with the most snap secure locks leaving the key in the lock can completely remove any snap protection you thought you had.

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73% of burglaries are through the door

Statistic from the Office of National Statistics

An alarm tells you when someone is in. The door lock stops them getting in.

This is one of those odd facts. Many UK homes have spent £100’s even £1,000’s on an alarm that will tell everyone when an intruder is inside your home.
Yet the lock on their door that physically stops them getting in probably cost £3.

Don't buy a door with instant access locks

…But what’s the point if it can be disabled in a few seconds via an inadequate cylinder lock
Choose a tested lock that truly protects you and your home

Myth Busting

Locks with kite marks or a star have definitely been snap tested
Answer: NO
It is possible to get a T007 1 star accredited lock and even a kite mark without having to be tested for snap protection.
The snap tested lock is still protecting me even if the key is on the inside of the door.
Answer: NO
All tests are carried out on the basis of the key not being on the inside of the lock. Some high security cylinders offer no snap protection if the key is in the lock on the inside.
Locks with horizontal keys are more secure than vertical keys.
Answer: NO
This is no guarantee of a secure lock. But a burglar may consider that the cylinder is more modern and as such be more secure, in turn not attempting to enter. .
Any lock with a sacrificial section will protect from lock snapping
Answer: NO
Whilst sacrificial sections are one form of defense to a snapping attack many ‘anti-snap’ locks can be snapped in the centre and not on the sacrificial element as designed.
My door is secure because it has an expensive multipoint lock
Answer: Not necessarily
Strong multi-point locks are necessary and will prevent a burglar from trying to ram the door open, but burglars generally don’t try this. They will try to disable the multipoint lock by breaking the cheap cylinder lock.
Lock snapping is a regional attack method
Answer: NO
Because this entry method is so quick, easy and quiet on doors with cheap cylinder locks burglars all over the country have now adopted this as their preferred entry method.

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The Ultion lock has many features that secure your home against major attacks on your door.
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