Buying locks or keys online without security safeguards can put homes at risk.

To maintain your security this code needs to be confirmed with you directly by phone. All deliveries are on the most secure, tracked, next-day DPD service.

These calls typically take less than 2 minutes.

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Trustpilot Rating

Good product

Good product, excellent communication and even call you back when they say they will!


Trustpilot Rating

Ultion locks 3star plus

Ultion 3 star plus lock excellent and well made lock high security. Great keys that are well made in them self, great thickness and highly recommended.

Kevin Hood

Trustpilot Rating

We had a new Door fitted with one of…

We had a new Door fitted with one of your Locks very pleased with it thank YOU


Trustpilot Rating

New locks for a new home

New locks for a new home. Swiftly installed, thorough explanation regarding type of keys, warranty, how to look after the keys, very impressed. House feels safe and secure. Thoroughly recommend.

Karen Down

Trustpilot Rating


Fantastic locks and great friendly service. Received extra lock and keys next day!! Highly recommended.


Trustpilot Rating

The best most secure lock we could find…

The best most secure lock we could find was fitted to our new door. The keys are thick and solid (previous keys were very bent!). I wanted a key cap so I could identify my key - a glow in the dark one looked perfect! The order was swift and the cap easy to fit - love it. I feel safe again in my home.


Trustpilot Rating


Rang, placed my order and it arrived the next day, what can be better than that.


Trustpilot Rating

Very secure and precise lock mechanism

Very secure and precise lock mechanism, providing high security confidence.

R Britton

Trustpilot Rating

Very good quality locks and if you buy…

Very good quality locks and if you buy more than one you can have all locks using same key..not had the chance to comment on their security status as not had a break-in but compared to locks of a similar type in our other doors they are superior.


Trustpilot Rating

Registration of new Ultion lock was…

Registration of new Ultion lock was very easy with peace of mind that the key cannot be copied without my authorisation


Trustpilot Rating

Incredibly secure locks to protect against even hardened burglars

I had no idea standard locks, even on a triple locking upvc door, were so easy to drill out for a burglar. Now we’ve had the Ultion locks fitted, it’s such peace of mind - even the most experienced intruder would give up on these. And they’re authorised by the police. So now I’ve registered them (quick and easy process) I’m doubly protected. Frankly it’s a relief and I finally feel secure.


Trustpilot Rating

Excellent product

Excellent product and really confident to offer the 2K offer should the lock be broken and entry into the home

Dave A

Trustpilot Rating

The locks come highly recommended by…

The locks come highly recommended by the locksmith that fitted them and I have to agree. I feel my family are safe when I’m not at home.

James Burns


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