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Keyring £29.95

0115 888 1212
0115 888 1212

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Bluetooth tracking

Using the free app your smartphone can guide you toward a lost Ultion key in moments. All you need to do is download the app and pair your smartphone with KeyRing. App available of iOS and Android.


Ring your keys

You've tracked your keys, and you're on top of them. But which toy crate or cushion is it? Press ring on the app and your key rings.

the free TrackR App

Never lose your keys again with this simple to use and free to download app.


Worldwide range

If your Ultion key goes missing the app records its last known location on a map. When another user of the TrackR app comes within range of your key, you will receive a email update of where your item is.


Find your phone from your key or Amazon Echo

Even if you have left your phone on silent you can sound an alarm on your phone by pressing the button on your Ultion Keyring or by asking Amazon Echo.

Find lost items in seconds with TrackR

Track more than just your phone or keys using the same app put a TrackR bravo onto anything you don’t want to lose.

  • find your

  • track your

  • bags and

  • devices and