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Genuine Ultion Keys

Your home is secured with a lock that has passed every security test. So, when it come to spare or replacement keys make sure you only use genuine Ultion keys. Counterfeits will damage your lock and invalidate guarantee.

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Only genuine Ultion keys guarantee protection.

Counterfeit Ultion keys are a threat to your home security. Watch the video below to see a real-life example of the risks.


Unique key combinations

To create a key using the key number that operates all of Ultion's 11 pins the key number is decoded using an encrypted security algorithm. Licensed Ultion Key Centres have access to this decoding algorithm. Once decoded the precise indentations can be cut using specialist machines with dedicated tooling to exactly the right depth, in exactly the right position, on both sides of your key.

Access all areas. Your one Ultion key.

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Keycap & Keyring. Made for Ultion.

The Ultion lock has an incredible suite of security features that work to secure your home against major attacks on your door.

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