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Nick | February 25, 2020

Buying Locks on eBay can be Dangerous

Would you lend your house key to a stranger and tell him your address?

We all know how careful we are about giving away keys to our homes, we don’t do it.  Keys are reserved for our closest families and friends.  Nobody would ever walk up to someone they have never met before and give them their address and key and feel safe.  It would be madness to behave like that!


Do you keep your PIN number and credit card in the same place?

Everyone knows that to do so is crazy because it means unscrupulous people can empty your account of cash. Banks are forever telling us that they will never ask for your PIN number, it is a secret shared only by you and a super-crypto computer somewhere. Yet loads of people don’t realise that buying their home lock from an unknown eBay seller is as risky as keeping PIN and card together.


Buying locks on eBay can be Dangerous

If you buy a lock from eBay, you are putting your safety, your possessions and your home at risk.  Allowing a total stranger to know your address and have access to the lock that will be responsible for securing that address, is risky.  How do you know that you have been sent all the keys that were manufactured with that lock?  How do you know that the seller hasn’t copied the key before it is sent in order to enter your home illegally at a later date? How do you know that the seller isn’t going to sell the key with the address?

‘So, I will just have it delivered to a different address’ you may say. Easier said than done in reality. If, like me, you use Paypal with eBay you’ll know that for the sellers security PayPal won’t allow deliveries to addresses that the homeowner and payment card aren’t registered to.


Brisant-Secure’s Key Control

If you buy a lock directly from the manufacturer, or from one of Brisant’s approved suppliers, you as the homeowner will be able to activate “key control” immediately.  Activating key control means that you receive an email if anyone tries to cut a key with your unique Ultion key code.  It works fantastically well, if the lock is bought from Brisant or one of our approved suppliers.  However, if bought on eBay and the seller has copied the key BEFORE they sell it to you, key control offers no protection.  Buying a lock is one of those things that you have to do directly with a door company, locksmith or manufacturer to be sure of your safety.


Buy your locks from known trusted sources

A homeowner must buy their lock and their door – together or separately – from trust worthy traders.  It might sound like it should go without saying, but there isn’t a lot of point in buying the most secure lock on the market if someone else has a key!


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