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Rebecca Fox | February 12, 2024

Ultion: Your Ultimate Shield Against Burglary

Home security is a rising concern for homeowners across the UK, especially considering the alarming local burglary spikes and the inefficiency of the police force. Luckily, you can always count on Ultion to protect you and the ones you love most.

We recently sat down with Jason Gould, a seasoned locksmith, to discuss his experience selling Ultion to his clients. In this blog post, we’re sharing an astonishing burglary case solved by Jason, and how Ultion products help him ensure his customers’ safety.

Owner of Doctor Locks, a 24/7 locksmith service in Birmingham, Jason is an experienced locksmith and attends to emergency calls often. However, the case below was one for the books – you’re not ready for the plot twist!

Storytime: A break-in with a plot twist

Jason woke up to what he thought would be a regular morning when the phone rang. “Can you come check my door? It looks like it’s been attacked”, said the homeowner on the other side. Jason picked up his Ultion supplies and met the couple at their doorstep.

One look at the lock and he could tell that it was loose and had clearly been tampered with, so he decided to investigate further and asked the couple a few questions. The pregnant wife revealed that she heard a noise around 3:00 AM but thought nothing much of it and went back to sleep.

When they woke up, they saw the loose lock and called Jason, but didn’t notice anything missing from the house. It was probably a quick break-in and the burglars didn’t have time to take anything – so they thought. When the husband headed to their driveway, he found a surprise: both of their BMWs were gone!

Ultion comes to the rescue

Knowing that his client’s family had a baby on the way, safety was their priority. That’s why Jason installed Ultion locks on all of his clients’ doors.

It’s been a while since Jason started offering Ultion as a standard to his clients. “A burglar will not get through that door”, he says. From the quality of our materials and manufacturing to our extremely rigorous testing process and our commitment to excellent customer service, Ultion Locks stand out from the crowd. Our locks are not only extremely safe, but also easy to install, use, and maintain. We want you to feel the trust we have in our products, which is why you’ll get a £2000 guarantee if a burglar breaks in through one of your Ultion locks.

Not only does Jason work with Ultion to secure his clients’ homes, but he also shares his invaluable expert advice to help you make an informed decision when it’s time to replace your own locks.

Expert tips to secure your home against burglary

Jason points out that a surprising number of people remain unaware of the security measures they should have in place, often underestimating the risks of having unsafe door locks. You might think a burglary won’t happen to you, but alarming burglary rates show otherwise.

Another issue that he notes is incorrect sizing. A lock cylinder that’s too big or too small, for example, could leave your home susceptible to burglary, even if it’s a highly secure lock. In this case, you could seek professional guidance from a reputable locksmith such as Jason, or contact our Customer Service team – we’ll be happy to help you choose a lock that fits your needs.

Jason also notes the contrast between luxury homes and their locks. Unbelievably, homeowners invest in opulent features like swimming pools and luxury furniture while neglecting the foundation of their security – their door locks. Euro cylinders, available online for a paltry £3, “safeguard” properties valued beyond £1.6 million. It’s a concerning reality that highlights the gap between perception and effective security measures.

Ultion stands out from the crowd

The value of choosing the right locks becomes even more apparent when comparing different brands. After a brief stint with another supplier, Jason Gould returned to Ultion and hasn’t looked back since. The difference in quality and security is palpable, especially when compared to the competition. The candid admission that Ultion took significantly longer to open than major rivals reinforces the brand’s commitment to robust security.

Despite the challenges in convincing homeowners about the importance of investing in premium locks, Jason remains steadfast in advocating for Ultion. It’s not just about selling a product; it’s about ensuring that homeowners make informed choices that can withstand the test of time and potential security threats.

So, when opinions vary on the best locks and everyone claims to know the right solution, consider this perspective – a locksmith’s candid account based on real-world experiences. Because sometimes, the true value of security becomes evident only when put to the test.Considering your options? Explore Ultion’s range of high-security door locks, because when it comes to your safety, compromise is not an option.

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