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Rebecca Fox | May 23, 2024

How Does Ultion Bolt Work?

Ultion Bolt

Ultion Bolt

Home security can be a daily struggle or an easy feat – and it’s all about the right hardware. In this blog post, we’ll give you an overview of Ultion Bolt, how our innovative multipoint locking system works, why it’s the smartest choice for your home, and how to combine it with other Ultion hardware to make your home the safest it can be.

How Ultion Bolt Works

Despite their popularity in the UK, lift-up door handles come with a constant reminder to lift the handle, otherwise your door will not be secure. Many people fail to do so, and you can imagine how many homes have been burglarized because doors have been left open. For instance, 1 in 4 burglaries in West Yorkshire resulted from someone not locking their door. What if there was a system that allowed your door to be completely secure as soon as it closes, even if it’s not locked?

That’s Ultion Bolt. There is no need to lift the handle again thanks to our new multipoint locking system. Here’s how it works:

Reliable Locking Latches

Ultion Bolt features four independent locking latches that engage every time you close the door. This means your door stays firmly shut, even if you don’t lift the handle, keeping you and your family safe.

A system of rollers in the mechanism guides four 20mm super-secure bolts into an optimal locking position, guaranteeing protection against burglars and the weather.

Bolt: Even When Bowed

A bowed door can expose your home to theft if you can’t get it into a proper locking position – but that is no trouble if you’ve got Ultion Bolt. Even if one of our four deadbolts fails to work, the others will. If the door is not closed to its true position, the key will still turn and secure every engaged bolt.

Smart Multipoint Locking For Smart Homeowners

If you’re considering upgrading your lock to our award-winning Ultion Nuki Plus smart lock, here’s another reason: Ultion Bolt comes with a built-in magnet sensor and housing for the Ultion Nuki transmitter. You can now upgrade to automatic locking, keyless entry, and electronic guest keys with just a few clicks.

Ultion Nuki Plus smart locks are perfect for anyone looking for convenience and security. You can lock and unlock your door using the Ultion Nuki Plus from your phone, smart home system, smartwatch, or touchpad. You can also grant access to friends and family from anywhere in the world, and monitor who enters and leaves your home.

It’s safe to say that combining Ultion Bolt with Ultion Nuki Plus will turn your home into a fortress.

How To Get Ultion Bolt

If you’re ready for a security upgrade that’ll keep your home safe for once, Ultion Bolt is the multipoint lock you can count on to keep your family at ease.

Contact your local door installer for more information.

Rebecca Fox | May 23, 2024

How Does Ultion Bolt Work?

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