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Sally | October 5, 2022

KeyTag uses Apple Find My to find your door keys

How many times have you lost your front door key?

I lose count of the number of times I lose my keys and it is always at the most inconvenient time, just as the kids are starting back at school or I am late for a meeting. Our developers of the Ultion key attempt to identify the most irritating and dangerous events that can happen to make your house insecure and create solutions to keep the bad guys out. Losing your front door key can be expensive. This every day anxiety nudged Ultion developers to develop KeyTag.

What is KeyTag?

KeyTag is part of your Ultion key and uses your iPhone to sound an alert if you’ve left your key behind or guides you to its location via the Apple Find My app. There are no additional apps to install. It is the easiest and quickest way to find your Ultion key. Ultion believe that the best innovation in the marketplace is when two businesses come together to do what they do best.

Who developed KeyTag?

Ultion specialise in homeowner security; we develop locks and door hardware that is the most secure on the UK market. However secure your lock is, if you don’t know where your key is and lock the door, it’s useless. This is what led us to develop this easy method of key location. At the same time, it removes the frustration of hunting for lost keys.

Nick Dutton, CEO of Brisant-Secure and owner of Ultion, noted, “When I realised we could seamlessly integrate Apple’s technology into our key without compromising usability, I knew we had a solution to enhance people’s daily lives. It’s like finding your iPad or AirPods in the morning. It’s simple and quick and this is both of those.”

How does KeyTag integrate with Apple Find My?

By using the Apple Find My network, homeowners secured with Ultion locks have the simplest solution. The Apple Find My app is built into iOS, so no additional installation is needed. The Ultion key can be located like a lost iPhone or iPad. Despite containing all its features and power, the key remains slim at just 11mm thick, blending in like a regular house key.

The Ultion key location is relayed to the owner through one of the hundred million worldwide Apple devices. If the key is nearby via Bluetooth, it triggers a sound. Apple Find My ensures privacy, never storing location or history. Sharing location data is anonymous, ensuring only the Ultion key owner knows where it is.

What does Ultion KeyTag look like?

The KeyTag technology is worked into the Ultion key, so there is no additional bulk and it will sit in your pocket or in your handbag, just like a normal key. Ultion KeyTag is a discreet and simple way of not losing your keys. Its slimline design comes in five different colours, two of which glow in the dark. It houses a simple to replace 2032 battery.

Can you Use Ultion KeyTag if you already have an Ultion lock?

Yes! You can order a new key the the Ultion KeyTag integrated into it. Homeowners need to use the unique encrypted code engraved on the existing Ultion key and the new key with integrated KeyTag will be delivered on a secure next day service. Use the The Apple Find My app with Keytag and never lose a door key again!

KeyTag user Martina Betterson, mum to three primary school children

Martina has three children at primary school, which is ten minutes’ walk from her house. By the time they are dressed in school uniform, eaten breakfast and are about top leave there have been many times when she can’t remember where she last left her key. Martina said, “KeyTag is one of the best things I have ever bought. rather than dashing around, worried that we will be late; my eldest daughter calls my key from her iPhone and we find it in moments. the house is secure before we walk to school. We found it in the fridge last week, I must have put it there absent-mindedly when making the cheese sandwiches for lunch.”

How does KeyTag make your door more secure?

We’ve all done it when we are late for work and can’t find the front door key. We think a couple of hours won’t make any difference and we decide to leave the door unlocked. After all we will be back by lunchtime. However, almost 50% of domestic break-ins happen in daylight; over 66% happen during the week. There is no safe time to leave the door unlocked.

Take Martina’s situation of walking her three children to school. The house would be left unlocked for about an hour. But it is exactly that hour a burglar would choose to break-in. Houses are often watched to see when they are vulnerable. It doesn’t take long to strip a house of car keys and anything that can be sold for cash.

KeyTag user, Dr Smith, Consultant Obstetrician

Ms Smith works in a busy teaching hospital in the North of England. She works shifts in the maternity unit. “My friends and family will tell youI am forever losing my front door key. The problem is I cannot be late for work. It’s a busy department and my colleagued are exhausted by the time they are finished for the day and I need to take over. There have been so many times I have woken up late, mislaid my front door key and left the door unlocked. But then I have worried about it all day. I have bough several things that I have tried to stick to my key or add to my key ring, but they always seem to have fallen off at the critical time. KeyTag is perfect. It’s integrated into my key and works every time.”

What else do you need to know about KeyTag?

If you have an Ultion lock, you can have KeyTag. It doesn’t matter if its a new door, a new Ultion lock or one that was fitted a while ago. KeyTag can be ordered on a new key. It comes in a range of colours, and it’s possible to get a new KeyTag on all doors in your house, whether they are keyed alike or not.

KeyTag is available immediately.

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