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Nick | April 24, 2019

Home-owners Beat Burglars by changing ALL their Locks

Oak Lodge Doors Showroom, Halesowen

Sell one door, add extra locks and make the homeowner #BrisantSecure


Selling a Door

When a home owner orders a new front door, they are concerned with how secure it is and what it looks like.  Paul from Oak Lodge Doors Ltd in Halesowen says, “We offer people peace of mind, doors that are safe from burglary and aesthetically pleasing.”

Matt from Oswestry Windows and Doors OWD, says, “I show people the video so they can see that a one star lock can be broken into within 9 seconds. How much is it worth to people to keep their car , their watch, their iPad’s safe?”


Secure the other doors

Once the customer has decided on their door, it is easy to offer them the additional security of putting Ultion, the three star sold secure diamond lock, on all of their other entrance doors and an Ultion padlock on their garage.  They can all be different keys or all the same, whichever the customer prefers.  The locks and keys can be with the installer the following day.


Keyed-alike – all doors work on the same key

The average home has two doors, many have a garage and a shed as well, meaning an additional three locks can be sold for every new front door.  These locks can be keyed alike to the front door and delivered in time to be fitted at the same time as the door.

As one customer said, “Our homeowners don’t want to look like prison guards, they want one key that opens all of their doors, including the shed.”


Lock Lock handles and Ultion offers 5 star protection

Paul from Oak Lodge Doors Ltd, composite door specialists in Halesowen, talks about the opportunity of using Brisant’s keyed-alike next day service.

“Changing other locks in the house is a quick thing to do, but it’s also the responsible thing to do. My company is part of our local community and we want to be sure we look after our customers.  Fitting Ultion on all doors means that our community is secure, the Lock Lock handle offers additional protection. We offer people, whom we work and live near, peace of mind.

The other day a couple came into the showroom, intruders had broken into their home and taken their car keys while they slept.  You can’t have that, you need to be sure that your possessions and family are safe and that’s what we offer people.

In addition, its quick and easy for us to do, so it gives a nice little extra on the installation.”

As Matt from Oswestry Windows and Door’s says, “It’s a very easy up-sell that is right for the customer and takes minutes to do.  We don’t get any issues and the locks are guaranteed.”


Next day keyed-alike Service

Brisant-Secure offer a next day service on keyed-alike Ultion cylinders and padlocks.  The customers home is safe, secured by Ultion with a £1000 guarantee against snapping.  It’s a quick, easy service that is needed by the homeowner and simple to offer by the installer.

Brisant is here to make your lives easier and the next day keyed alike service is part of what we do.  It’s simple. It works. It just makes sense.

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