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Nick | March 31, 2019

Interview with Doctor Locks


This week we talk to Jason Gould, better known as Doctor Locks about how he finds using Ultion from Brisant-Secure


How long have you been a Locksmith?

I’ve been a locksmith for 17 years. I was a carpenter with the local council when I left school  but I decided one day I’d be a locksmith instead and it’s the best decision I ever made. I love working with homeowners.


How have you found selling Ultion?

ULTION is ‘fantastic’. Its the easiest product to use. Homeowners are already aware of what it is and the my customers ask if I have the Ultion lock, though many of them refer to it as the Ultron Lock. The marketing materials help, it sells itself to the homeowner.

Ultion is also good with domestic work because of the €1000 guarantee. Also, ordering extra keys is really easy, and Brisant is very easy to deal with and do what they say they’ll do.


Are there any problems with Ultion or Brisant?

The biggest problem I find is that if people lose their keys and call me to get them into their house, it’s actually very hard. Ultion is harder and harder to get through, even with all the time in the world and it makes a right mess of their doors.


What sort of burglaries are you seeing at the moment?

At the moment I see domestic properties where people’s houses are broken into through their locks being snapped. That’s 99% of the call outs to homeowners and there’s 1% where someone has been beaten up and their car keys forcibly taken off them. Quite often in burglaries, it’s the car keys that the burglars are after.

I had a funny event the other week. The police were with a lady who had been burgled and told her to upgrade her lock. They suggested a different lock to Ultion.  I said they were wrong and I didn’t get the work. A week later the policeman called and apologised and bought an Ultion lock from me. He said he’d done some research and now agreed.


What developments would you like to see from Brisant-Secure?

In terms of new developments, I’d love a smart lock. It would be especially helpful for older people, as I do a bit of work for Age Concern.


Many thanks to Jason for talking to me between jobs on Friday morning.

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