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Nick | January 15, 2020

Making your home accessible – a new lock for a new decade

What is an accessible home?

It’s a new decade and we have no doubt at Brisant Secure that this decade will be about Smart technology.  Increasingly people want their homes tailor-made for their needs.  It makes sense with the advances in technology for everyone to have a home that enables them to live their life to the full.  Whether people are disabled from birth or temporarily disabled through injury or illness, having their environment especially suited to themselves is a basic requirement in this new decade.

What adaptations can be made?

You only have to watch a few episodes of DIY SOS to see the amendments that can be made.  Hoists can be attached into bathrooms to make washing easier; electric beds; lowered counter levels in the kitchen.  Even having light switches at the right level when you are a wheelchair user makes a huge difference.  One of the biggest issues though, is opening the front door when it is hard to get to the door. Whether it’s to let the kids back in from school or a carer.

Brisant Secure design Ultion Smart

Brilliant Secure designed Ultion Smart to address this need.  It has a range of functions which help people with differing tasks.  For people whose hands don’t have strength, there’s the “twist assist” function.  The most gentle touch will enable the door to be opened.  This is useful for people with arthritis.

What about people who have limited mobility?  Ultion Smart can be opened on voice command using a unique reference number.  Alternatively visitors can be given codes unique for one day, one week or weekly codes that are inputted on an outside pad.  The programming has infinite possibilities that can be programmed to what is happening for the home owner.

Ultion Smart can be set to open when it detects the owner’s phone within a specified zone set by the homeowner.  So, when you are coming back from work, the school run, with the shipping and have your hands full, the door will unlock automatically and then lock again.  The  is set to lock itself after 30 seconds with no need to lift the handle up.

James from Lockrite fitted Ultion Smart and this is what he had to say

James from Lockrite fitted an Ultion Smart on a customer’s home who is also a wheelchair user.   He made a video to explain its features and he told us,

“This is a locking solution that I recently put together for a local customer.  It incorporates some of the newest smart devices available at the moment and I’m very happy to say that it has completely changed his life for the better.”

Brisant couldn’t be happier.  This is exactly what we were hoping would be the case when the team developed Ultion Smart.  It’s a new lock for a new decade and it makes people’s lives better.






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