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Nick | November 8, 2019

Police warn of Blow Torched Burglaries

Police warn home owners to protect their homes from blow torched entry

Police have warned home owners this week about the dangers of their homes being illegally entered by their doors and locks being blow torched.  Burglars then take their possessions, their car keys and their family is left insecure. This is a method of illegal entry that Brisant Secure has warned against, as they have had more and more reports of this method of entry.    The report in the Sun newspaper this week states that, “the use of blow torches to break into homes can cause enough damage to snap or bend the lock or to remove it entirely.”  Police recommend that home owners protect their homes by fitting three star sold secure diamond locks.  This ensures burglars cannot access their home, their belongings or their family.  The Ultion lock will protect your home.

Ultion will withstand a blow torch attack

Brisant Secure has tested Ultion, their best selling three star sold secure diamond lock, against a blow torch attack.  The photo attached shows that Ultion did with-stand the temperature of the blow torch and stayed in-tact and protected the door.  The inner core of Ultion is made of molybdenum, used by top engineers in the production of products that need to stay strong against heat and force.   When Ultion detects an attack, whether it is from a blow torch or another method, a hidden firing pin secures the central cam and stops the door being opened.  This still works against intense heat.


Police encourage home owners to fit a three star sold secure diamond lock

Police say that home owners can protect themselves by fitting a three star sold secure diamond lock, such as Ultion from Brisant Secure.  Ultion is approved by police. It has achieved the highest kite mark star rating and has been tested by locksmiths with the Master Locksmith Association and is accredited with the highest standard, sold secure diamond.


A good lock is not enough, for safety you need the best

For the safety and peace of mind, there is no point just fitting a good lock.  It is the lock that protects your home from burglary.  Members of Neighbourhood watch advise that the lock that makes the difference in the security of your home.  Tom from Scotland said, “many home owners are unaware that it is the lock barrel that offers them protection against burglary.  We have bought the Ultion lock for over forty houses on our estate to deter burglars.”

Nick Dutton, CEO of Brisant Secure said,

“Entry into people’s homes by blow torch is a method of attack we have heard of more and more.  We wanted to prove that Ultion would withstand a blow torch attack to give our customers peace of mind.  We were delighted with how Ultion performed in test conditions.  We know that home owners are safe with Ultion.”



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