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Nick | February 25, 2019

Louise secured her home from burglars just in time…

When burglars ransack your neighbour’s house, what would you do to protect your home?

I know I would be full of good intentions to make sure my home was secure.  I like to research everything thoroughly, so I’d google security options, call my mate to talk them through.  Maybe, I’d visit my neighbours to see how they protect their property.  No doubt I’d worry a lot, I just hope that I would make a decision.

The thing is though, would I get my act together immediately?  Would I take the day off work and change my locks that day?  After all, I would know from my first google search that changing to Three Star Sold Secure Diamond locks is the quickest and most effective way to keep my home secured.

I think I might dither though. Would you?


Louise acted immediately to secure her home

A bunch of blokes in balaclavas hit Louise’s cul-de-sac, one night in February 2019.   The guys ransacked Louise’s neighbour’s home.  Her neighbour called City Lock and Safe, bought a full house of Three Star Ultion locks and equipped himself with CCTV, making his home secure from further break-ins.

Louise takes up the story.

“Security is always on my mind as I’ve been burgled in the past.  I read an article in the Manchester Evening Post which highlighted burglaries in our area. The day after my neighbour’s break-in, I made the decision to have the whole house kitted out with Ultion locks, by City Lock and Safe.

The next day my neighbour called to say CCTV from the previous evening showed the same blokes in my garden.  I went to feed the birds and realised the burglars had broken the handle and tried to snap the lock.  Ultion kept them out though, they hadn’t managed to open the door.   I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Ultion lock, at the end of the day it did its job, stopped the intruders from entering and kept my home safe.”

snapped door handle, secure lock

Louise had another Ultion lock fitted that day.  She reported the incident to the police, despite never seeing any police on the beat where they live.  She feels it’s up to each home owner nowadays to protect themselves.


Would you “do a Louise” and secure your home immediately?

Louise’s decisive action meant she protected her family, secured her belongings and feels safe in her own home.

I take my hat off to her. Next time I have a big decision to make, I’m hoping I’ll “do a Louise” and act not ponder, especially when the security of my home is at risk. To secure your home you can find out more about the Ultion lock at

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