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Nick | March 25, 2019

A Secure Lock and a Beautiful Weather Safe Handle in One Unit – LockLock

Do you live within 70 miles of the Sea?


Did you know that Coton in the Elms in Derbyshire is the furthest village in land in the UK?  And it is only 70 miles from the coast.  So, wherever you live in the UK, you will be no more than 70 miles from the salty sea, responsible for destroying hardware on doors.  LockLock lasted over 8000 hours in a salt sea chamber, which tests for weather protection. That’s over 33 times the necessary accreditation at 240 hours.  That is because LockLock has two layers of copper and two layers of nickel over the reinforced cast zinc.  This handle will not pit.


A New Way of Locking your Door


LockLock is a secure lock and a beautiful handle in one unit.  Bought with a key or without (the keyless version is perfect for doors that you never need to lock on the outside) an internal switch within the handle locks the door spindle.  If the spindle can’t turn, the door will not open.


Why else is LockLock special?


So why else is this handle so special?  It’s because built within it are nine unique and patented methods of protection against burglary. It’s curved design guards against it being gripped and torn off the door. It has a sacrificial spindle meaning the lever cannot be forced.  The internal lock-block stops the spindle turning if it has been attacked.  An internal security washer stops the spindle being pushed through.  It also has top strength fixings.  It has spindle grub screws so the spindle can not be pulled out of the handle.


Brisant-Secure KNOWS this handle is special, we guarantee it


LockLock is a non-handed TS007 two-star handle PAS 024.  It is the only handle to have achieved Sold Secure accreditation.  It isuitable for all door types and comes with EN1906 Grade 4 salt spray test and EN1906 Grade 7 durability.  Brisant-Secure is so proud and confident of this secure handle, the business offers a 10 year guarantee managed directly by Brisant with the home-owner.


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