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Nick | February 27, 2019

Stop Burglars by Securing your Doors – Domestic Door Security Report 2019

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Brisant-Secure launches their Domestic Door Security Annual Report today. Reading it can help stop burglars entering your home.

It confirms facts we all know, but I wonder if they influence what we do? We live busy lives, but a few key actions can keep your belongings safe and look after your family.

If you do one thing, remember to lock your doors.  This is the first step to stopping burglars.

Where has Brisant-Secure got the information?


This Door Security Report amalgamates data from 181 independent locksmiths, 2677 homeowners who bought a new door last year and the latest figures from the Crime Survey, published by the Office for National Statistics.

View report here

Changing your locks to Ultion will help prevent burglary


A snapped lock on a door was the reason for 84.7% of burglaries attended by 181 independent locksmiths.  That’s on a sample of 3250 doors.

I am new to working in the world of locks and I am amazed at how simple it is to snap many locks readily available on the market, please see our blog on lock snapping.

If Ultion is snapped, it goes into “lockdown mode”.  This means the lock knows it’s being attacked and stops the burglars from opening the door. If you are inside the house though, you can still get out. If you want to understand the technical details of how this works, have a read of the Ultion website.

Brisant-Secure is so confident that we have confounded the burglars, Ultion comes with a £1000 guarantee against lock snapping. Please see the blog about Louise who prevented her house from being burgled through the back door by fitting Ultion.

You can stop many burglars by fitting Ultion to all your entrance doors.


Don’t burglars just go through the window instead?


I have to admit, this is what I said to my friends.

In two thirds of home burglaries the intruders came in through the front door, according to the Crime Survey, annually produced by the Office of Nations Statistics. That figure has only varied by a few per cent over the last ten years.  Only 23% came through the window.

I am still surprised this isn’t higher. I have, however, started locking all the doors obsessively.


How important is security when choosing a door?


A staggering 80.5% of 2677 people surveyed, who bought a door last year, said security was the MOST important factor in the decision they made.


What are you doing now?


Go and lock all your doors and then read this report with a cup of tea. We can all protect ourselves from the most common form of break-ins by fitting anti-snap locks and locking our doors. A very scary dog would help too, but we can only help you out with the locks.





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