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Rebecca Fox | March 25, 2024

This Smart Lock Is The Most Powerful Home Security Gadget You Need

Ultion NUKI Plus in White

Ultion NUKI Plus on the internal of a white door
Ultion NUKI Plus in White

Security is a priority in our modern world. However, finding the right lock to fit your home can be a puzzle. That’s where Ultion Nuki Plus comes to the rescue – an innovative smart lock that’s redefining security.

Known for its user-friendly design and sleek design, Ultion Nuki Plus seamlessly integrates into your home, providing peace of mind without sacrificing style. Compatible with most UK doors and featuring the highest AV security rating, this lock sets the standard for premium protection.

However, what makes Ultion Nuki Plus unique? Let’s take a closer look at its features:

The Seamless Experience of Ultion Nuki Plus

With Ultion Nuki Plus, you’ve got a variety of access options, from the traditional physical key to time-limited codes.

For example: If a cleaner or mailman comes in often, you can create exclusive codes they can use within your set timeframe. This is also convenient for Airbnb rentals since Ultion Nuki Plus connects with the app to generate unique codes for guests to use during their stay.

You can also register multiple users in the Nuki app, and give permanent access to your family members and trusted people. In this way, Ultion Nuki Plus eliminates the need for extra keys and enhances security.

Ultion Nuki Plus is also super user-friendly. You can control your lock easily from the Nuki app. Tap your finger to lock or unlock your door, or set it to automatically unlock when you approach. You can also track your door’s activity from wherever you are with remote monitoring, so you are always in the loop.

Long-Lasting Battery for Uninterrupted Home Security

We know how frustrating rechargeable batteries can be, especially when it comes to keeping your home safe and secure. The Ultion Nuki Plus lock delivers an impressive battery life that lasts for months on end. Additionally, the lock conveniently informs you when it is time to recharge, helping you keep your home safe at all times.

Ultion Nuki Plus and Ultion Bolt: Fortify Your Home with the Ultimate Duo

Ultion Nuki Plus also connects with our most awaited product: Ultion Bolt – our multipoint lock that keeps your door shut without lifting the handle. By closing the door, four independent latch bolts are engaged, ensuring that your door is fully secured from break-in attempts. Since each bolt is independent from one another, even bowed doors will be secure with Ultion Bolt. This dynamic duo is guaranteed to turn your home into a fortress.

User-approved: The Internet Raves About Ultion Nuki Plus

Along with our endorsements, Ultion Nuki Plus gets rave reviews everywhere. In a recent article, TechRadar praised Ultion Nuki Plus’s versatility, ease of use, and long-lasting battery life. Additionally, Trusted Reviews, Tech Advisor, Ideal Home, The Ambient, T3, and other prestigious magazines have also given us raving reviews.

If you are interested in experiencing Ultion Nuki Plus for yourself, visit our website and allow Ultion to secure your home.

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