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Why burglars don’t pick locks

Last Updated Mar 16, 2020

How do burglars enter homes in the UK?

Research shows us that 78% of all burglaries occur with the home being entered through the front or back door.  Would you believe that only 2% of these entries happened because the lock was either picked or bumped?  The figures don’t tell us whether the lock was picked because by the time the locksmith arrives to change the lock, it is impossible too distinguish between a picked and a bumped lock.  Hence the 2% figure looks statistically vague.  However, we at Brisant have made and designed locks for many years.  We suspect that most of the locks, if not all of this 2%, will have been bumped.


Do burglars in the UK pick locks?

We don’t think so!  Some of us may have an image of a “James Bond” style burglar who gets on his hands and knees with his roll of special lock picking tools and then uses his well trained eye, his hugely honed skill to gently and quietly pick the lock which opens silently. Lock picking is a combination of skill, training, practice, specialist tools and patience.  However, trust us, that is not the profile of the typical UK burglar.  UK burglars are not highly skilled, trained lock pickers.  They are thugs who try and batter their way through your door and lock.

If you think of lock picking as a sport, that gives you a better understanding of what is going on.  It’s a game played by highly trained people against each other.  Being a lock picker is like being a master chess player.

How do burglars try and get through your lock?

Most burglars try and snap the lock.  Unless you have the right lock in your door, a burglar will be able to snap the lock, using brute force and a screw driver, and be in your house in seconds.  They will not be able to do this with the Ultion lock.  Ultion has a £1000 guarantee against lock snapping.  We don’t think any burglars would bother learning to pick a lock (not that we think they’d have the brains to be able to learn anyhow) when they can use brute force to get through many locks on many doors in the UK.  Protecting yourself is easy and relatively cheap.  This is not something to be scared of.  Protect yourself with a high quality lock and stop making it easy for them.

The next highest level of reported break-in method by locksmiths is drilling.  This means that the burglar has a great big power drill and tries to drill the lock out.  Imagine the man walking around the streets with a cordless drill, making 100 decibels plus of noise and getting through a range of drill bits, making a complete mess and a huge amount of disturbance on the street.  Now imagine a homeowner getting home and realising they have lost their key.  He borrows his mate’s drill from next door because, after all, how hard can it be to drill a lock?  I’ll drill it out and get in.  After a few drill bits, commotion on the street and them still being locked out, they call the locksmith.  Many locksmiths tell us that they suspect that the “14%” figure of reported attempted break-ins by drilling would be significantly less than that in reality, with a good percentage being the homeowner trying to get into their own home, realising they can’t, but not wanting to invalidate their insurance.


Locksmiths are highly trained individuals

Locksmiths in the UK are highly trained individuals that spend many years honing their skill so they can keep homes safe and secure.  The development of locks started in Ancient Egypt 6 thousand years ago, when a basic ‘pin tumbler’ lock was made from wood.  Imagine the time, skill, brains and engineering that has gone into creating the best quality locks available on the UK market that can keep your home safe.  Imagine the time, skill, brains and engineering that goes into trying to get through them.


Lock-picking tools and the sport of lock picking

The people that dedicate their lives to the skill of picking locks are not the people breaking into your house.  They are not scumbags.  They are highly intelligent people helping move forward the safety of lock engineering.  The video attached to this blog shows a prolific lock picking specialist called Locknoob who has picked hundreds of locks picking an Ultion lock.  He said to us,

“In real life people aren’t burgling houses by picking locks, I have the luxury of a warm office , a choice of equipment, time to practice and a vice to help me.”

He has no pressure, no one watching him, no time restrictions.  He is not looking over his shoulder worried about someone catching him.  He is doing this for interest only.  He is a “lock-picking master.”  In the time it takes this highly trained specialist, in the comfort of his own home, with specialist tools, your burglar would have made it in and nicked your laptop and been half way up the road.  Burglars are not trained specialists.  They are – in the main – lads that have failed in school, done nothing with their lives and so have to try and nick what you’ve earned by forcing their way into your home.  They can force their way through an unprotected door in 9 seconds.  They are just taking advantage of people that are not educated in how to protect themselves.

Arguably any lock can be picked with the right tools and the right environment and time.  Did you know that in some states of America even owning lock picking tools is a criminal offence as its seen as “intent to break the law.”

The standard UK burglar is not a highly trained individual, they are an uneducated scumbag

The last part of this video shows a real life burglar recorded on a Ring doorbell.  He is trying to snap the lock.  The door has an Ultion lock on it and you can hear them say they, “can’t do it” and they leave empty handed.  Burglaries are done and gone within moments.  The longer they are there, the more chance they will be caught.  If you stop them from managing to get through the door, your property is much safer.



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