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Sally | September 21, 2022

Learn How to Protect your Homes from Burglary

Ultion will attend Kenilworth Watch Security Event

Kenilworth Watch hosts a special event on October 2nd 2022 at the Holiday Inn, Kenilworth Square. It’s a chance for residents to explore home and vehicle security. Attendees can engage with experts like Lee Warren from Emergency Locksmith Eydens and Alex Dutton, the maker of Ultion, the market’s most secure lock. Fraser Pithie, who established Kenilworth Watch with 1,580+ subscribers, notes the event offers a “no-obligation” space to learn about crime prevention and property protection.

How will people learn to protect their homes?

Firstly, attendees will gain insights into Ultion, a three-star Sold Secure Diamond lock. According to Alex Dutton of Ultion, “I anticipate meeting people and explaining how this lock functions to safeguard their homes. When they grasp that a simple change can significantly enhance security without hefty costs, their sense of home security will undoubtedly grow.”

Fraser from Kenilworth Watch adds, “We are confident that residents will see basic home security, particularly concerning locks and entry to and from buildings, as a primary security layer in which is worth the investment. We are pleased that Ultion has agreed to come and support this unique community-based event in Warwickshire. We look forward to practical demonstrations which will show people what will work and what is not so good.”

Will people learn to protect their homes in an impartial environment?

Yes! This event, supported by Ultion and Eydens, aims to provide genuine help and advice, enabling people to make informed choices. Residents can use the event to gain confidence in their home security, ensuring it’s tailored to their needs.

Homes in Kenilworth targeted by thieves

In August 2022 a severe spate of burglaries occurred in Kenilworth over a short period of time. The small town felt alarmed by the situation, with many individuals concerned about the security of their homes and vehicles. Lee Warren from Emergency Coventry Locksmith Eydens said, “A lot of people were in panic and needed to know what they could do to make their house secure. There was a guy riding a push bike, he watched the houses and then went back later to steal money and jewellery.”

Burglar on push bike sale from Kenilworth Houses

It turns out that a man from Birmingham, who was out of prison on tag, rode his push bike around the suburban streets of Kenilworth. He scouted for houses that he could see had insecure locks. He returned later in the day to burgle them, when he took cash and jewellery that he fenced in Birmingham. Day after day the man returned to Kenilworth to steal from many houses across the town. The 47-year-old man was arrested outside Kenilworth Railway Station on August 1, 2022, and has since been returned to prison.

DC Gavin Hampton said, “We know how distressing and frightening it can be for victims of burglaries and we hope that the latest arrest reassures residents we take these crimes incredibly seriously.”

How did the residents of Kenilworth respond to the burglaries to protect their homes?

Kenilworth Watch impressively reached out to over eleven thousand residents in the town through a newsletter, aiming to raise awareness about the recent burglaries in the area. The newsletter offered guidance on enhancing the security of their possessions and homes. Notably, it emphasised the importance of upgrading locks to a three-star Sold Secure Diamond standard. This recommendation led to a surge in inquiries for lock replacements, with Eydens, an Emergency Locksmith based in Coventry, experiencing a high volume of requests. They recommended the change to Ultion, a lock manufactured by Brisant-Secure.

When the bad guys see it’s an Ultion lock, they turn away and try the neighbour’s home

Lee Warren from Eydens, said “We had two people in Kenilworth who fitted the Ultion three-star sold secure diamond lock from Brisant-Secure for many days. There are some really nice houses in Kenilworth and the cost of keeping them secure with a three star lock is well worth it. The bad guys know what to look for and the minute they see it is an Ultion, they turn around. They know they can’t snap it or get through it any other way.

How can residents protect their property against burglaries?

The best action a homeowner can take is to change their lock to a three star sold secure diamond lock from Brisant-Secure. This lock is resistant to snapping and includes a £2000 homeowner guarantee against break-ins. If a burglar sees the Ultion lock, they will walk away as they know they cannot get through it. Other deterrents also help keep houses safe and secure.

Always ensure the door is locked, a seemingly simple step that’s often overlooked in the rush to get kids to school or run errands. Even with a strong lock barrel, locking is crucial.

Window locks are equally important for security. Burglars rarely break glass due to the noise, but a slightly open or faulty window becomes an opportunity.

Moreover, installing security lighting deters burglars from operating during evenings and nights, as they prefer to go unnoticed. While alarms signal entry, ultimate security prevents them from breaching your home.

Is Kenilworth an isolated situation or are homes not secure all over the country?

Regrettably, burglaries occur nationwide. Gangs focus on postcodes, prompting locksmiths to receive calls from streets where gang activities are prevalent. After locks are updated and homes secured, gangs shift to the next area. From afar, the criminals can spot insecure locks with one-star ratings.

What one action can people take to secure their homes?

Change the lock. It really is that simple. Nick Dutton, CEO of Brisant-Secure said, “The Three star Ultion lock comes with a £2000 guarantee against burglary. We are confident it cannot be snapped. It features an exceptionally robust molybdenum core, a thicker, more durable key, and aligns with the police-preferred specification, Secure by Design. So, check your lock. If it is one star, upgrade it.”

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