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Ultion WXM – The Three Star PLUS Lock

Last Updated Nov 19, 2019

What is Three Star Accreditation on locks?

Three star accreditation represents the top rated lock available for a homeowner to protect their home against anti-snapping and other forms of break-in, such as lock picking.  To guarantee the homeowner is protected against lock snapping, the cylinders need to achieve the top rating on the traditional TS007 test.  This is three star accreditation.


In addition, the lock can aim for the Sold Secure Diamond accreditation, which is a locksmith approved test against lock snapping.


Ultion has both of these accreditations.


What does a lock need to do?

Originally, locks were developed to keep stuff safe from people that wanted to take it from you.  It’s a basic human condition to want more and protect what you have.  Locks are there to secure doors and keep people’s homes safe.  85% of burglaries occur by the burglar breaking in through the door.  It makes sense to create a lock that is impenetrable, at least as far as we can.

Ultion is the latest generation of lock.  It was created by Brisant-Secure to ensure there was a lock that would survive under immense levels of stress.  At the end of the day, that is what a lock needs to do.  Locks must survive under duress.


What is Three Star PLUS?

Brisant-Secure, the inventors of Ultion, set out to over-achieve on all accreditation tests.  This is what they created.


Three Star PLUS means achieving the top rating of three stars on the TS007 durability cycle test.  Ultion did not just manage the 100,000 cycles needed to achieve the top three stars, at the time of writing it’s just passed 800,000!

Three Star PLUS means extra molybdenum in the core of the lock (an element stronger than iron) shielding 20 anti-drill points.  This lock is exceptionally hard to drill.

Three Star PLUS means a key that is 60% thicker than normal three star keys.

Three Star PLUS means also achieving the Sold Secure Standard. This is much tougher test designed and carried out by Master Locksmiths. Very few 3 star locks achieve this. Ultion achieves their highest standard. Diamond.

Three Star PLUS means a key light on your keyring which comes in all sorts of pretty colours!!


Why does Brisant-Secure want to out-perform the top rated tests?

Fundamentally, Brisant want people’s homes to be secure and stop others stealing your stuff.  Do you remember when energy ratings first came out?  Standards were set and many homes struggled to achieve an ‘A-rating’.  Now, as technology has improved we have A++++ ratings!

It’s the same with locks.  Ultion is not a lock that looks to achieve standards, it creates them.


Brisant didn’t wait, we wanted to set a new standard. Ultion, our Three Star PLUS lock, will keep your property safe.




Ultion locks doors. Simple.

The Ultion lock has an incredible suite of security features that work to secure your home against major attacks on your door.

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